Digital Counter Services

We focus on the most valuable asset. Your time.

We understand that time is your most precious asset and that flexible time management can make every day count. HSBC Premier brings you a convenient counter experience by offering a full suite of Digital Counter Services, helping you plan your schedule more easily and make the best use of your time to grow your personal economy.

Digital Counter Viewer
Provide you with real-time counter situation of HSBC Premier Centres at your finger tips to help you decide when to visit and which HSBC Premier Centre to go to.
Digital Counter Ticket
Enable you to get a counter ticket remotely before arriving at your preferred HSBC Premier Centre to save your waiting time.
Digital Counter Booking
Enjoy priority service by booking for counter service appointment at your preferred HSBC Premier Centre on the same day* or up to 5 business days in advance so you can rest assured with your schedule planning.

* Same day booking or modification is available half a day in advance.

User guide

View real-time counter situation at HSBC Premier Centre

Step 1

Choose an HSBC Premier Centre

Choose your preferred district on the map, or search by selecting an area, a district and/or an HSBC Premier Centre from the pull-down menu and click "Search".

Step 2

View the search result

Search result will show the counter situation of your preferred HSBC Premier Centre(s) including "Last Ticket Served", "Next Ticket Number" and "Estimated Waiting Time".

Step 3

Get a ticket or make a counter booking

From here, you can click one of the following buttons:
- "Get a ticket now" to access Digital Counter Ticket, or
- "Make a booking for this afternoon" or "Make a future booking" to access Digital Counter Booking.